A downloadable game for Windows

Join Hudson as they explore the ruins of civilization torn apart by an unstable environment, trying to find his unconscious body.

Made in Basic Unity in 48 Hours, I found it to be a great learning experience for trying out the 2D functions of the Game Engine.

Be warned, there are still a few bugs.

Supports Keyboard and Mouse and Partial controller support.


A/D to Move Left and Right. (Mouse and Keyboard) | Left Joystick to Move. (Gamepad)

Spacebar to jump. (Keyboard and Mouse) | B Button to Jump. (Gamepad)

Note: Jump is a charge. You can hold it down to get a bigger jump.

Enter Key to Continue text. (Keyboard and Mouse) | A Button to Continue Text (Gamepad)

Some options (like selecting dialogue choices) are mouse only.

Check the project out on Github and Ludum Dare.


HumansLivedHere(Verson1-2).zip 31 MB

Install instructions

Download, unzip the file, and launch the .exe.

Development log

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